Elmira Structures, Inc.

Construction Management

The Construction Management at Risk project delivery offers clients to select the Design Professional and Construction Manager of their choice to serve as a compatible team set forth to control project costs, scheduling, phasing, construction ground breaking and closeout.

Our Construction Management at Risk format provides our client with the option for a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) early in the design phase.  This is commonly used on most of our private projects, where the client works closely with our design and construction team to determine their goals and scope in order to develop the GMP.  We also establish the necessary criteria to guarantee an occupancy date early in the design phase.  Our project management team creates the entire project plan and executes the plan by issuing all subcontracts, purchase orders and project documentation.  This allows us to assume risk for the proper project execution. 

Similar to our Design-Build option, this method allows our clients to identify risk early in the process and make important and timely capital improvement decisions, a very important advantage not feasible under traditional bidding which only occurs after design is totally finished and committed.